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Pirate Radio - breakbeats

Tuning through my FM dial, I noticed all these new radio stations. What didnt impress me was the fact that they all play the same records 24 hours aday, 7 days a week. Thats why pirate radio stations deserve a lot of credit.

I also noticed that most of the big DJs (that I wont mention) all came from pirate radio. I thought when radio licences back afew years ago became a reality for many of the wanna-be-legal stations, that we would experience a revolution in broadcasting. But to my disappointment I have found that there is still a massive gap in the broadcasting industry. The now legal stations are nothing more than commercial broadcasters, that we had around years ago. The issuing of licences has done nothing but made more commercial stations available. I mean what is the point of a station gaining a licence only to playlist what is already being played 10000 times aday.

I really had hoped that when new stations popped up, that a new wave of broadcasting would open doors to new forms of music. However I found that when I wanted to hear my type of sound, I still found pirate radio stations still to be the pioneers of ground breaking music. I by no means agree with breaking the law, but the fact is, if your taste differs, pirate or not, your going tune in.

I could name artist after artist that has been broken in by pirates, but I try not to mention names, however if it wasnt for priates, break beats, hip hop, house, rnb, ragga, Drum N Bass would not be known to the millions around the world. And thats a fact.

I find that most people in the industry at the very top level are nothing more then stuck up out of date foolish people who have nothing better to do than make other people suffer for their own failers in life and tend to view everything in a negative way. They somehow operate a dictatorship, that says when, where and how. Whom should be granted a right and whom should not, this right is granted upon their own experiences and not the experiences of whom they judge. Its a simple fact that 90% of the world falls outside this experience, but nuff said about those idiots.

London late 70s (me 8 years of age). Tune in Jazz FM plays, only to find that Jazz FM is a pirate, only because of the bad sound quality. I hear live raves and records from street parties (copied by BBC Radio London) Herbie, from Mastermind Roadshow playing mixes, ive never heard before. Goodbye legal stations. The above is what alot of the todays top legal DJs did. Towards the early 80s more and more pirates started popping up, including:

LWR 92.5 FM (London Weekend Radio) that transmitted from South London, and only playing pre-recorded tapes on the weekends, with a transmitter on a council tower block.

kiss FM 93.5 FM (now legal, granted a licence in the 90s, but have totally changed and tend to play commercial music that 1000 other stations play.) that played recordings of the USA kiss FM. Alot of the original founders having left because of their playlist policies.

TKO 102.5 FM(Total Knock Out) Played recordings of new urban music, none was ever heard before, but had a very powerful transmitter, broadcasting out of South London.

TRAX FM 103.3 FM, broadcasting out of a caravan in North West London, and tended to play urban music which mainstream radio stations would not play.

JBC 105.5 FM (Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation) played alot of the ragga stuff and broke new reggea artists. Broadcasting from North West London in a electronics repair shop.

Thats enuff of the names dropping.

The fact is most big names today in the music business have alot to thank the pirates for, as legal stations will not play your record if you are from a background that they do not like. Or if your politics is not in-line with their way of thinking. Its sad that your life can be controlled in such a way, by a bunch of stuck up foolish people who simply do not understand other peoples culture, and tend to believe that their way of thinking is the right way, when infact its the other way round.

Finally I would say, GET THE F**K OUT OF THE WAY and stop blocking people from bettering their life. If you feel the way a person lives is wrong, than keep your worthless opinions to yourself, as you know nothing about other peoples life, and its none of your business.

Happy Tuning.

Date Added : 2009-06-17 19:46:10


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