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Over recent years it seems more and more homebased record producers are cropping up.... and producing .... using...

What amazes me is how far behind some recording studios are. After a web search and surfing 1000s of pages, I came to realise that they still use recorders such as Tascam and Fostex and master their productions using 1960s mixing desks. The modern producer will know, thats SO OLD and out-of-date. The fact is you can now buy a complete studio for which you can sequence, arrange and mix your entire productions on PC. Afew years ago I tested alot of these PC based recording platforms and found them to be limited, and felt that technology had not reached a level which could match the 24 track systems.

However, I resently, while just checking out updated versions of the latest releases I found them to be alot more advanced then the old 24 track systems. And as every recording artist knows time and money counts for alot when it comes to recording time in a studio. And these software programmes cost the same as it would for aday in the studio.

There are on the selves approx. 25+ very good PC based recording, editing and mixing software programmes. Each does pretty much the samething, which you choose depends on your style of music or interphase.

Some of these software packages are so advanced that they can take unlimited number of tracks. i.e: 24 Track studio ment that you could use 24 line inputs to mix or record (if you didnt know). But these new age pieces of software allow you to record unlimited number of inputs. Where I found they lack alittle is in the DJ tools area. So to combat this record companies are releasing what we would call DJ Tools. In other words, a CD full of strange and weird sounds all designed to be used by these new age recording artist.

Some predict these Cds will sell in the millions, as more more recordist move over to new PC based methods. The major keyboard manufactures have for many years sold their sounds on disk, but you had to be a major to do this. And now they are competing with smaller guys who seem to develope sounds that are more in-line with modern trends.

Youll find lots of very good PC based platforms to suit your needs, depending on your style, I cant name them here, but they are easy enough to find, and some let you test them before you buy them.

I dont want to tell you how to create a track, simply because there is no school book method, but generally you tend to vary your sounds every 2 bars or so (depending on tempo). If your sampling break beats, youll just need to watch your attack and release ranges. Im sure there are lots sites out there that will show you how. But ...... If your new to recording heres what you need:

A sequencer, that will allow you to sequence your sounds. If you play an instrument, that means playing your instrument.

The next stage would be to arrange your track once you've got all your sound samples together.

And finally youll need to master your track, that means getting the bass, treble and mid-range sounding the way you want it.

Thats it....

All the software that I have tested does all of the above, but you may need to add external plugins to get certain sound effetcs.

Happy DJ Tool ing......

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