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11th November 2015 - I finally felt it was time to update the web site and add new samples. Uploaded today are the drum-loops-170bpm package which are a variety of different loops all set at 170bpm. In the free samples section you'll find a few to download and try. There is also a 8 bar preview loop in store.

Shall be adding more over the coming few weeks. Including sound effects, drum loops, bass lines, sound clips and 2 bar effects.

27th January 2012 - I finally got around to completing the very popular Amen Break. I made these sound samples in 3 different bpms because the tone changes when speeded up or down. The reference number is AMEN BREAK.

2011 - I forgot to update this page...LOL..

2011 - 3 New drum loops additions added:
The reference numbers being... 2011-bb-01 - 2011-HipHop-RNB-A and 2011-House. Each package contains 30 drum loops available in hi quality WAV format. Also check out the free samples section for MP3 versions to try out.

2011 - New Sound Effects...
Under Category new sound effects added. Also check out the free samples section for MP3 versions. The hi quality files come in WAV format and vary in BPM - 10 files included in each package and are 12 bars in length.

19th April 2010
2 new packages added under drum loops in the categories section. The reference numbers being dnb180bpm-01 and dnb180bpm-02. The download files come at 256kbps MP3 format.

Ive added new drum loops to the products section. Contained in these packages are drum loops designed to be looped or mix and matched to your requirements. I also made them so that it would be easy to modify or rearrange them using a beat splicer. I have also increased the sound quality so that you can try them out first. The download is 256kbs MP3 format and I randomly selected 4 loops from 30. The complete drum loops package contains 3 sets, 10 drum loops in each set and in .WAV format. The latest additions reference numbers are bb-dnb175bpm01, bb-dnb175bpm02, bb-dnb175bpm03, bb-dnb175bpm04, bb-dnb175bpm05, bb-dnb175bpm06, bb-dnb175bpm07.
THATS IT.......

LOGIN. 29 May 2009
You no longer need to login as server restrictions have been removed. This means you are not limited by bandwidth. Thanks to the thousands who took the time to register over resent years. It was great fun reading your usernames and comments.

I had to add the login simply because of the level of traffic that passed through these pages, and users comments revealed that it took awhile for pages to load. When I first registered this domain back in 2001, I had no idea that the level of people around the world that searched for BREAK BEATS was in the millions. I originally thought afew hundred hits was a good result, but was so suprised when I took a closer look at keywords people around the world searched for.

Over the next few months I'll try and cover the history of this type of music, and add articles as and when they arise. If you have any suggestions, complete the contact us form, and as a veteran in this form of music, I'm sure I can cover it.

I had to stop streaming and review new releases, simply because of copyright issuses, and felt that I was trying to promote new artists, and expose new talent, but have found that egos tend to inflate and this is something I had tried to avoid.

I also had to scrap the charts and links pages, again because of copyright issues and abuse of linking to a page, only to find that once your link was added, its content had been removed and replaced by ppc links. But i'm sure there are thousands of sites out there offering such services.

Date Added : 2015-11-11 17:21:50


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